Learning to live again after the death of a loved one can be the hardest part of life. Joining a grief support group can be one of the most helpful steps in healing your broken heart. Learning that grief is a natural, normal and necessary response to the loss of love can be extremely beneficial in your healing process. To be with others who understand your sorrow, to share your “sacred stories,” and to learn the reasons you feel as you do are all reasons why a support group can be a priceless tool in your grief recovery. The main purpose for a support group is to provide a safe haven for sharing your stories and companioning with one another so your healing journey may begin. The Grief Support Group meets twice a year for six consecutive Wednesday mornings, in the Fall and in the Spring. For more information please call Michelle Colgan-Larney at 401.942.1854, x 227.

Testimonials From Group Members


Joining the grief support group and sharing with others who were in the same pain was a consoling and healing experience and truly a Blessing to me! Bernice M.

Attending the support group helped me cope with my loss by listening and sharing with others who shared the same problems. Chet K.

Going through the grief support group taught me that even though I was in deep sorrow, I still had a life that God gave me to live and it was alright to go on living it! Eileen M.

I had been approached by many organizations, but Michelle seemed to know exactly how I was feeling…I never thought anyone could or would understand the anger, the hurt, and the hole in my heart. Michelle in her compassion and willingness to listen to me – cry, and be so upset, proved to be the best thing for me! I now feel confident, secure and am moving forward. Will I ever forget my husband…no, but the class taught me “it does get easier to move on”…for this, I shall be forever grateful! Barbara F.

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