The Immaculate Conception logo is embedded with multiple layers of meaning. Many of its elements were inspired by the story of the Immaculate Conception.


In Christian tradition, the Lily is a symbol of purity and life. Associated with the Resurrection, the lily has long been a symbol of Mary and her Immaculate Conception. Expressed traditionally through the image of the Fleur De Lis, the logo presents a contemporized version of this symbol of Mary, purity, hope and joy.


Within the Lily is depicted a human form. This form can be visually read in many ways: as Mary; as Mary’s mother, Anna (under the Golden Gate); as Christ (her child, and resurrected Son); and as all humans. The body form as Mary may be seen as the infant Mary, conceived without sin in the womb of her Mother Anna. Second, it can be seen as the youth Mary, open to Lord as she grew in age and maturity. Third, it can be seen as the adult Mary, receptive to the Lord in all things, giving her full consent to the plan of salvation. Fourth, it can be seen as Mary interceding in the “orans” gesture of prayer. Perhaps most profoundly, it can be seen as all of the above simultaneously: Mary, in her fullness, is our destiny; redeemed children of God, sinless bearers of the Divine, resurrected and transfigured temples of the God’s Spirit. Moreover, this human form, which is at the heart of the logo, can be seen as a symbol of Anna, Christ, and indeed all Catholics who live in prayer and openness. It reminds us of the whole story of Mary and what believers are called to become: resurrected, pure, sinless, bearers of the divine.

Golden Gate

Tradition holds that at the time of Mary’s conception, Joachim and Anna (Mary’s parents) were instructed by the Lord to meet under the Golden Gate of the city. This gate became the symbol of the Immaculate Conception of Mary in the early church and can once again find meaning for us today. Gates are places of encounter, shelter, entrance and new beginnings.

Light Rays

An image often associated with the Immaculate Conception is the image of the woman in the Book of Revelation where Mary is depicted as “adorned with the sun, with twelve stars as a crown upon her head.” The rays in the logo call to mind Mary’s radiance. The rays depicted in this logo number twelve, the same number as the Tribes of Israel, Apostles of Christ, and gates to the New Jerusalem.


Four of the rays form a cross, perhaps the greatest sign of our redemption and hope. This resurrection cross reminds us of Mary’s ultimate contribution, and the destiny to which we are called.

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